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About PrintList Pro

Version 6 includes 4D v16 64-bit compatibility, MySQL direct access, use of all AreaList Pro relevant properties, new properties and new commands.

What is PrintList Pro, and what can I do with it?

PrintList Pro is an easy-to-use professional tool for printing arrays and records on 4D layouts. It lets you print 4D arrays, 4D fields or MySQL data.

PrintList Pro is the perfect complement to AreaList Pro, providing a full-featured plug-in, which can be used to print columns of data. You can use PrintList Pro for any standard columnar output (arrays or fields) and it be configured to easily print a PrintList Pro object, retaining all formatting features.

Because PrintList Pro is a plug-in, it is very fast, and provides capabilities not available to you using native 4D arrays or report printing tools, such as automatic column sizing, custom formatting, robust break level processing, calculated columns, MySQL data and more.

4D data is passed to PrintList Pro using 4D arrays, or field references. If only two columns need to be printed, create two arrays or specify two fields and pass them as parameters to PrintList Pro. No string parsing or other contortions are needed.

PrintList Pro can be used with just one command — no special formatting is required. For those cases when more control is needed, several optional commands give you complete control over the appearance of the area.

Special tools are implemented if you wish to customize the appearance and configuration of PrintList Pro, allowing the customization to be implemented rapidly.

PrintList Pro’s break level processing includes the ability to apply a variety of built-in calculations as well as the ability to perform custom calculations. Complete control over style, color, and formatting of all break level information is given.

Technical Details

Compatibility Information

PrintList Pro version 6 is compatible with 4D v15 and over, for both MacOS and Windows (including 32-bit and 64-bit).

It requires MacOS 10.10.5 or higher and Windows 7 SP1 or better.

Technical Support

Technical support for PrintList Pro is provided via the online professional tools forum.

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