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The new PrintList Pro v6 commands are described in this section.

command syntax
PL_SetIcon(areaRef:L; iconID:L; iconValue:P) → error:L
PL_AddCalculatedColumn(areaRef:L; dataType:L; callbackMethodName:T; insertAt:L) → error:L
PL_RemoveColumn(areaRef:L; column:L; {count:L}) → error:L

MySQL access

command syntax
PL_SetMySQLSource(areaRef:L; host:T; user:T; password:T; schema:T; options:T; port:L; statement:T; parameter1:Z; parameter2:Z; … parameter17:Z) → error:L

See Printing MySQL data

Getters and setters

command syntax
PL_SetAreaPtrProperty(areaRef:L; property:T; pointer:Z) → result:L
PL_SetAreaLongProperty(areaRef:L; property:T) value:L
PL_SetAreaRealProperty(areaRef:L; property:T) value:R
PL_SetAreaTextProperty(areaRef:L; property:T) value:T
PL_SetColumnPtrProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T; pointer:Z {; count:L}) → result:L
PL_SetColumnLongProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T; value:L {; count:L})
PL_SetColumnRealProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T; value:R {; count:L})
PL_SetColumnTextProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T; value:T {; count:L})
PL_SetRowPtrProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T; pointer:Z {; count:L}) → result:L
PL_SetRowLongProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T; value:L {; count:L})
PL_SetRowRealProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T; value:R {; count:L})
PL_SetRowTextProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T; value:T {; count:L})
PL_SetCellPtrProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T; pointer:Z {; rowCount:L} {; columnCount:L}) → result:L
PL_SetCellLongProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T; value:L {; rowCount:L} {; columnCount:L})
PL_SetCellRealProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T; value:R {; rowCount:L} {; columnCount:L}))
PL_SetCellTextProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T; value:T {; rowCount:L} {; columnCount:L}))
PL_GetAreaPtrProperty(areaRef:L; property:T; pointer:Z)→ result:L
PL_GetAreaLongProperty(areaRef:L; property:T) → result:L
PL_GetAreaRealProperty(areaRef:L; property:T) → result:R
PL_GetAreaTextProperty(areaRef:L; property:T) → result:T
PL_GetColumnPtrProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T; pointer:Z) → result:L
PL_GetColumnLongProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T) → result:L
PL_GetColumnRealProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T) → result:R
PL_GetColumnTextProperty(areaRef:L; column:L; property:T) → result:T
PL_GetRowPtrProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T; pointer:Z) → result:L
PL_GetRowLongProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T) → result:L
PL_GetRowRealProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T) → result:R
PL_GetRowTextProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; property:T) → result:T
PL_GetCellPtrProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T; pointer:Z) → result:L
PL_GetCellLongProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T) → result:L
PL_GetCellRealProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T) → result:R
PL_GetCellTextProperty(areaRef:L; row:L; column:L; property:T) → result:T
PL_SetObjects(areaRef:L; property:T; array:Y) → result:L
PL_SetObjects2(areaRef:L; property:T; array1:Y; array2:Y) → result:L
PL_GetObjects(areaRef:L; property:T; array:Y) → result:L
PL_GetObjects2(areaRef:L; property:T; array1:Y; array2:Y) → result:L

Break processing commands

See the PrintList Pro v5 manual for details about break processing.

command syntax
PL_SetBreakPtrProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:Z) → error:L
PL_SetBreakLongProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:Z) → error:L
PL_SetBreakRealProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:8)
PL_SetBreakTextProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:T)
PL_GetBreakPtrProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T; value:Z) → error:L
PL_GetBreakLongProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T) → value:L
PL_GetBreakRealProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T) → value:8
PL_GetBreakTextProperty(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; cellNumber:L; property:T) → value:T
Using AreaList Pro properties

How to use the commands above:
header: 0 = footer, 1 = header
level: 0 - 64
cellNumber: 0 to apply to the break, > 0 to apply to the individual cell

if cellNumber is zero, usable properties are:

  • ALP_Break_RowID
  • ALP_Break_NumRowLines
  • ALP_Break_MinRowHeight
  • ALP_Break_RowIndent
  • ALP_Break_RowIndentH
  • ALP_Break_RowIndentV

Use ALP_Area_RowsInGrid to set the number of lines (cells) in each column break


  • ALP_Cell_Value: the break value (string which can use the “\\SUM” and other functions evaluated in the break processing
command syntax
PL_SetBreakObjects(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; property:T; array:Y) → error:L
PL_GetBreakObjects(areaRef:L; header:L; level:L; property:T; array:Y) → error:L

The only property is ALP_Object_Grid → use 2D array

Other break processing properties:

  • ALP_Break_HeaderCalcMethod: method for handling break header's “\\FUNCTION”
  • ALP_Break_FooterCalcMethod: method for handling break footer's “\\FUNCTION”
  • ALP_Break_HideDetails

See also ALP_Break XXX properties.

Using PrintList Pro specific properties

In addition to AreaList Pro break processing properties that are common with PrintList Pro, specific properties are available for break processing in the context of printing:

  • PLP_BreakDivWidth
  • PLP_BreakDivColor
  • PLP_Break_Page
  • PLP_Break_LineShowColumnDivider
  • PLP_Break_LineThickness
  • PLP_Break_LineColor
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