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New features to PrintList Pro version 6 are described in this section.

This version also supports v5 API, your existing code should not require any changes.

Refer to PrintList Pro v6 New commands, PrintList Pro v6 Specific properties and Printing MySQL data for details.

Huge improvements to PrintList Pro include the following.

Compatibility with 4D v16 32-bit and 64-bit

Make a MySQL reporting tool with 4D and PrintList Pro v6!

Printing MySQL data is now available.

Combine the power of 4D and the flexibility of MySQL to design PrintList Pro reports for MySQL databases.

PrintList Pro now uses all (relevant) AreaList Pro properties

All AreaList Pro properties, except user interaction (such as data entry or drag and drop) of course, can be set and read by the new getter and setter commands for all property types (PL_SetXXXYYYProperty, PL_GetXXXYYYProperty) including commands to manage break properties.

See the AreaList Pro v9 manual for a description of version 9 ALP_XXX properties.

In addition, AreaList Pro v10 New properties are also available in PrintList Pro v6.

PrintList Pro also has its own properties for specific printing features

In addition to AreaList Pro properties, PrintList Pro v6 has its own properties for the following features:

  • Page breaks
  • Dividers (show, thickness, color) for headers, body and breaks
  • Line thickness, color
  • End of page callback
  • Adjust the area size to the page (shrink the area or enlarge the last column)
  • Minimum area height (print a new page if unavailable)
  • Print headers (or not)
  • Repeat values
  • Start a new page after the area
  • Frame color, width

Other new commands

Besides AreaList Pro properties getter and setter commands, PrintList Pro version 6 includes three new commands:

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