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 ====== PrintList Pro Constants ====== ====== PrintList Pro Constants ======
-=== PLP Colors === +=== PLP Colors === 
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 |__PL White__|White| |__PL White__|White|
 |__PL Black__|Black| |__PL Black__|Black|
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 ---- ----
 +=== PLP Patterns ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL White Pattern__|White|
 +|__PL Black pattern__|Black|
 +|__PL Gray pattern__|Gray|
 +|__PL Light gray pattern__|Light gray|
 +|__PL Dark gray pattern__|Dark gray|
 +=== PLP Command Results ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL Registration Failed__|1|
 +|__PL Registration Passed__|0|
 +|__PL SetArrays Passed__|0|
 +|__PL Not an array__|1|
 +|__PL Wrong type of array__|2|
 +|__PL Wrong number of rows__|3|
 +|__PL Maximum number of arrays exc__|4|
 +|__PL Not enough memory__|5|
 +|__PL SetFile Passed__|0|
 +|__PL Not a file__|6|
 +|__PL Wrong 4D version__|10|
 +|__PL Arrays have been set__|11|
 +|__PL Fields have been set__|12|
 +|__PL SetFields Passed__|0|
 +|__PL Not a field__|7|
 +|__PL Wrong field type__|8|
 +|__PL Maximum fields exceeded__|9|
 +|__PL Save Data Passed__|0|
 +|__PL Save Data Failed__|1|
 +|__PL Restore Data Passed__|0|
 +|__PL Restore Data Failed__|1|
 +=== PLP Break Values ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL Break Value Sum__|1|
 +|__PL Break Value Minimum__|2|
 +|__PL Break Value Average__|3|
 +|__PL Break Value Maximum__|4|
 +|__PL Break Value Count__|5|
 +|__PL Break Value Variance__|6|
 +|__PL Break Value Deviation__|7|
 +=== PLP Justification ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL Just Default__|0|
 +|__PL Just Left__|1|
 +|__PL Just Center__|2|
 +|__PL Just Right__|3|
 +=== PLP Font Style ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL Plain__|0|
 +|__PL Bold__|1|
 +|__PL Italic__|2|
 +|__PL Underline__|4|
 +|__PL Outline__|8|
 +|__PL Shadow__|16|
 +|__PL Condensed__|32|
 +|__PL Extended__|64|
 +=== PLP Break Levels ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL Break Level 1__|1|
 +|__PL Break Level 2__|2|
 +|__PL Break Level 3__|3|
 +|__PL Break Level 4__|4|
 +|__PL Break Level 5__|5|
 +|__PL Break Level 6__|6|
 +|__PL Break Level 7__|7|
 +|__PL Break Level 8__|8|
 +|__PL Break Level 9__|9|
 +|__PL Sum__|\Sum|
 +|__PL Average__|\Average|
 +|__PL Minimum__|\Minimum|
 +|__PL Maximum__|\Maximum|
 +|__PL Count__|\Count|
 +|__PL Variance__|\Var|
 +|__PL Deviation__|\Dev|
 +|__PL Break Value Insertion__|\BreakValue|
 +|__PL Custom Calculation__|\Function|
 +=== PLP Options ===
 +^Constant ^Value ^
 +|__PL No Headers__|0|
 +|__PL First Page Headers__|1|
 +|__PL Print All Headers__|2|
 +|__PL Suppress Pixel Width__|0|
 +|__PL Print Pixel Width__|1|
 +|__PL Print Array__|0|
 +|__PL Hide Array__|1|
 +|__PL Print All Records__|-1|
 +|__PL Print Page Breaks__|1|
 +|__PL Suppress Page Breaks__|0|
 +|__PL Print Last Page Break__|1|
 +|__PL Suppress Last Page Break__|0|
 +|__PL Print Repeated Values__|0|
 +|__PL Suppress Repeated Values__|1|
 +|__PL Print Column Divider__|0|
 +|__PL Suppress Column Divider__|1|
 +|__PL Suppress Detail Area__|1|
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