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Text Style Tags

If the attributed option has been set in PL_SetFormat, special tags can be used in any text contained in a PrintList Pro area to print multi-styled characters.

These tags work just like HTML tags: <tag>styled text</tag>.

Style Tag
Underline<u> or <ins>
Set font size to # points<s #>
Increase font size by # quarters (1/4) of current size<s +#>
Decrease font size by # quarters (1/4) of current size<s -#>
Set font by name<f “font name”>
(needs to be quoted if the name contains more than one word)
Set color (any format can be used, e.g. <c 0xFFFF0000> <c 1.0,0,0> <c P123> <c dark orange>)<c color name>

4D internal format for styled text is stored as <SPAN STYLE=“style attributes”> where the style attributes used by PrintList Pro are:

  • font-family
  • font-size
  • font-weight (bold/normal)
  • font-style (italic/normal)
  • text-decoration (underline / line-through/none)
  • color (#RRGGBB)
  • background-color (#RRGGBB)

It is also possible to set the format as attributed, and specify the style attributes using the PL_SetFormat command.

Example for an longint column:

  $format:="<c blue>+#####</c>;<i><c red>-#####</c></i>;<s+1><c green><b>ZERO</b></c></s>"
  PL_SetFormat ($area;1;$column;0;0;1;1;1;0)
  // Right-aligned (it is a number; default of zero will use 2), auto-sized height (because ZERO is bigger),
  // attributed, with "compatible" line spacing and default vertical alignment

With the above settings:

  • Positive numbers will be printed in blue roman characters with a plus sign.
  • Negative numbers will be printed in red italic characters with a minus sign.
  • Zeros will be printed in green bold, font size increased by 25%, with the text “ZERO”.
  • Here is the result:

Note: if the number format is too “small” to hold the number, 4D (and PrintList Pro) will display it as “<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<”, which will interfere with the opening tag character “<” if the column is attributed (multi-styled). In the example above (using “## ###” as a number format), this will be the case for all numbers exceeding 99,999. Make sure that the format used will not cause the number to overflow, lest unexpected results might ensue.

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